Bridstow Property Development

Welcome To Bridstow Property Development

Bridstow Property Development ("Bridstow") is a privately owned London property development company.

Its main business is of Property Development. Bridstow will source attractive West and Southwest London properties with development potential.

Once a development opportunity is identified, Bridstow will raise money via a combination of the Principal and Investor’s funds. It will then purchase the asset, secure planning permission, and develop the property.

Bridstow currently offers a safe 7% return secured over the assets of the company (the property that is purchased).

Bridstow will thus manage the full end to end project lifecycle, i.e. it will:

  • Source the property
  • Arrange finance
  • Purchase the property
  • Deal with lawyers and other purchase processes/costs
  • Arrange planning permission and deal with Councils
  • Deal with all Professional Consultants and fees including Architects, Structural Engineers, Builders, Building Control
  • Project Manager the development of the property, including all external and internal works and including fixtures and fittings
  • Arrange the staging of the property for sale
  • Deal with Estate agents, their queries, and sales legals and queries
  • When sold return investment monies and interest back to Investors